Thursday, March 23, 2023

Introducing Ourselves to our Becketwood Community

 Deborah and Michael Padgett joined the Becketwood Cooperative in November  2022 after being on the waiting list the prior four years. They renovated their Coventry #506 over the following few months and moved in and began to arrange their belongings and art collection on Valentine’s Day.

The couple’s interest in Becketwood was sparked by a desire for a stable and comfortable home and community in which to grow older and age in place to the extent possible until and if circumstances dictate assisted living or long term care.

Deborah and Michael are long time Twin Cities residents. Deborah moved to this part of the world in 1967, Michael in 1978 and the two of them met through mutual artist friends in 1990 and married in 1991. They have four children, four children in law, twenty three grandchildren and are expecting their eighth “great” in May.

Both Michael and Deborah are retired. Michael from a career as an art professor and university administrator with over thirty years tenure at UW-River Falls. Deborah held a number of jobs while raising daughters as a single mom and completing her degree in art, literature and communication at the University of Minnesota.  She spent fifteen years working as an executive recruiter and a career counselor.

Last year, the couple sold their home and studio in Saint Paul after more than thirty years, downsized from their two story art studio and began to make preparations toward the peace of mind inherent in a smaller life and a slower pace. Both Michael and Deborah continue as active makers of art and participants in the local and regional arts community.  They both spend time drawing and keeping journals. They love to wander, arm in arm, making discoveries wherever they travel, sometimes recording with the camera and other times with pen, pencil or through simply sitting quietly and breathing in their surroundings.

Their favorite activity is spending time together and they lead a rather quiet and private life for the most part. Still, they love to laugh and are greatly prone to silliness. Their favorite social activity is attending and participating in book-related events such as Talking Volumes, Pen Pals (through Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library), Writers Read at the University Club, book group participation and events at local book stores.

Their shared love for music includes Blues, R&B, folk, alternative pop, Motown and Classical with an emphasis on Chamber music.

Deborah and Michael maintain a website at and invite you to visit if you would like a closer view.  Their preferences for communication are text messaging, email, Marco Polo (a free app they use liberally with their many very busy children…). They enjoy staying in touch with friends and family around the world through Face Book.  Already they are feeling at home and have had the joy of getting to know many of you. They participate in yoga, floor meeting potlucks, attend art offerings, make use of the library and pantry and have enjoyed sharing meals and happy hour with many of you. They are feeling warmly received and most welcome.


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

We Have Moved and are Settling in for the Duration ... Please forgive the state of these pages as I seek to update

 Valentine's Day, 2023 brought us home to independent, cooperative living for the over 55 crowd. After several months of renovations and with continued downsizing we are delighted with our small but suitable home here on River Parkway in Minneapolis. I am hoping to update and revise these pages, including my pages on writing and Michael's creative work, as time allows. For now, a scroll here and there and everywhere will give you glimpses of where we are and where we've been.

Living Room

Living Room


Our golden Study

View of Living Room from Study

Bedroom with Mom's Quilt and Alvaro's Painting

(Our pride...) The Golden Study with French Doors

Dining Room with View of Study


Recent Work on Fabric

Fabric Tulips with Octagons, Acrylic, Thread, Silk and Canvas, 20" x 24"
Fabric Tulips in Glass, Acrylic, Marker, Thread on Fabric, 14" x 16"

Chair in Red with Golden Bird, Acrylic, Ink, Silk and Thread, 20" x 24" (framed)

Chartreuse Bird with Golden Thread, Silk and Canvas, 20" x 24"

Bird & Tulips in Stitches, 16" x 20", Acrylic,  Paint Pen,  Black Out Fabric, Thread

Guache on Black Out Fabric, (In Progress) 13" x 15"

HIS MOTHER'S SON, Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil Crayon on Raw Canvas, 46" x 64"

BIRD'S EYE WITH TABLE LEG, Acrylic and Charcoal on Raw Canvas, 46" x 64"

Interior Monologue Series

The INTERIOR MONOLOGUE series reflects my inner dialogue or my conversations with myself. The work is inspired by the surroundings, furnishings, music and atmosphere in which I find myself creating, reflecting or simply "being" in a state of physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. The work is intuitive and often abstract though depicting recognizable representations of objects or structures.